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Photo: Pygmy grasshopper by Rose Borrer

NameSocial MediaResearch Interests
Emma CurtinChafer beetle
James Crofts-BennettAracnids
Luna ThomasHelm’s stag beetle
Rose BorrorAll insects
Jenny Jandt
@TheWaspLadyBees, wasps, ants
Mateus Detoni@detoni_mateusBehavioural ecology of social Hymenoptera
Eloise Lancaster@ecologyeloisethe Southern ant
Steve Kerr
Shaun Murphy@possums_end
Sheri Johnson@sjohnson_otago, Zoology staffOrthopterans, Lucanids, Behavioural Ecology
Danilo HeggSouthern Alps PhotographyCave wētā / Orthoptera
Mandira Katuwal@katuwal_mandiraWeevils, genomics and microbiomics
Graham McCulloch@GrahamMcC_NZ
My research group studies the ecological drivers and evolutionary consequences of wing loss in New Zealand’s endemic stoneflies.

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Photo of the Entomology Society members on our summer field trip to Brighton.